Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Do you steal books?

Do you use Internet Bit Torrent sites? eg Pirate web sites!

Do you love reading? 

Well then, think about those two answers!  If you love reading but use pirate websites you are basically stealing that book.....

Internet Content is NOT FREE!
ALL content is copyrighted unless expressly stated.....

so what does that mean?

Basically the author, editor &  cover artists don't get paid!

that means YOU are a thief!

So, what I hear you cry! they earn millions the odd book  doesn't matter.... 

oh, really?   so you would like to work the odd week for free would you?

if you dont pay these people for all their hard work ultimately they have to stop doing what it is that they are so good at - that means no more books in the that series that you love, or from the author you adore.

cant afford all the great stuff that is out there?? look for deals, most authors will offer deals on most VALID websites at some point, if you are unsure when the next one is - ASK them!! most can be found skulking around Twitter, FaceBook, Reddit, Google+ and many have blogs and websites of their own.

So please, think twice before clicking and downloading from those bit torrent websites.

Small presses & indie authors are being squashed before they get started and become household names by sites that offer 'free' downloads of all their stuff. If they can't make a living - or even buy lunch - how the hell are they supposed to keep producing content for folks to steal?

Be Kind! feed an author/artist today!