Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WHC 2014 - Fifth/Sixth Days in Portland, Oregon.

This wonderful place has some brilliant and beautiful extremes!
We spent yesterday at the beach, with our amazing friends Todd & Denise.

However on the way we stopped at a little place called Voodoo doughnuts and we were treated to a huge box!

There was a bloody (jammy) massacre in the back of the car on the way!

Ivor was then treated to an American football game! and I got to go Walmart shopping, now I must burn out my own eyes  (hehehe!)

And here comes the extreme, approximately an hours drive in the opposite direction to the beach is Mt Hood, a dormant volcano that is well known for its wonderful ski resort Timberline, which just happens to be the "Over Look Lodge" from The Shinning.

The inside was not used in the film as it really is just a quaint little ski lodge,  but its still impressive to drive up that winding road with "Here's Johnny" running through your mind :)

Tomorrow is our last day in Portland, Oregon and we are cream crackered from all the excitement. So it will be a day of packing all our goodies away and preparing to fly back to Blighty and our much missed fur babies.

We have had an absolute blast and I have been fan-girled out by all the amazing authors I have finally been able to meet, hug and squeee over.  

We do hope to be able to return the favour of their amazing hospitality to any of them that wish to fly over the pond.