Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New World: Chaos By John O'Brien - Guest Blog by Hubby!

Ok, so if you dont know by now (!) Hubby and I have been at WHC in Portland, Oregon. 

Primarily Hubby came to keep me company and hold my hand as I dont "do" flying very well.  However, whilst there is was given some signed books and he set about reading them during the "boring" moments!

This was the result he presented me with.....

I have just attended the World Horror Convention in Portland Oregon, and among others met this author, who very kindly gave me a signed copy of this book.

As Horror is not my usual bedtime reading the fact that it was a gift in no way influenced my opinion of this story.

My wife Vix had previously failed to review it as not being an "Ammonerd", she could not deal with the descriptions of weapons, not a problem I encountered.

As an ex-serviceman details of the weapons and the plane were as food and drink to me.

On receiving the book I explained to John that I have a 20 page rule i.e. if I am not hooked by then I will not waste my time trying to continue, needless to say I had no difficulty passing that barrier.

The book is set on a premise that could actually happen if we (society) are not careful and drives forward at a good pace.

The characters are well rounded and in most cases likeable with the odd clusterf*** to provide contrast. There are quite a few twists and turns throughout the plot.

The lead character is Jack Taylor an ex-USAF and Special Forces veteran, who faced with the collapse of society and the evidence of an epidemic decides to try to secure his family and then set out to rescue his girlfriend Lynn, who is based in Kuwait. 

He has, because of circumstance, been able to take his children and his son’s girlfriend with him, to leave them behind would have placed them in obvious jeopardy.

The action is based initially on his collecting his children and the girlfriend, the drive to collect them through eerily quiet streets gives no real hint as to what is yet to come; only that it is not going to be a picnic in the park.