Sunday, 11 May 2014

WHC 2014 - Forth day in Portland, Oregon.

So today was spent mostly on panels and readings.

I was over the moon to listen to Jeff Strand and Wrath James White!  Joe McKinney was pretty awesome too.

I picked up my second goody bag of books from TW Brown and Heath Stallcup

 I am also now drinking my "mountain dew" from a Monster Squad coffee cup!

I also managed to snag a signed book from SG Browne - a horror writer with comedy, a true favourite (sub) genre of mine.

Food was very subdued today which is just as well as we are reaching bursting point and I must have put on at least 10lbs! 

I did try some fish tacos!  
Strange but tasty combination of tortilla wrap, coleslaw, battered fish piece, salsa and guacamole! 

The evening and WHC festivities, for me, ended with the Gross Out competition, which I was not all that impressed by to be honest, lots of chat from the organiser and not much actual competition. There was only one really great story for me.... will have to wait to see if they win and the stories get printed.

Tomorrow we are off to Portland beach so I hope the weather holds out!

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