Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Man's Gotta Eat What A Man's Gotta Eat by Dana Fredsti

Chuck T-Bone is one of the undead but he does not let that or his decaying flesh get in the way of being a good Private detective.

Told in the first person I could almost touch and taste the film noir texture of this story. It is cleverly done with just a dash of tongue in cheek to stop it being cringe worthy.

There was so much humour I was giggling as much as grimacing at the many gross, yet funny descriptions.

My favourite paragraph occurred when the “broad” walks in to the office with a job for our undead PI and DF manages to combine the usual drop dead gorgeous body mental visual into something with a bit more dead!

The front story is really intense and engrossing keeping you reading to the finale, but the underlying back story of how the world has become zombiefied is left to the imagination with mere hints, which works really well.

The ending is so cracking I did a snort out loud.

As a character I found Chuck T-Bone to be brilliant and I really hope that DF can expand this into a short story series as I feel she certainly has the talent to keep me hooked on reading her.