Friday, 9 May 2014

WHC 2014 - Second Day in Portland Oregon

So, day two and all is going well!
Breakfast started off well and then the food just kind of exploded!

some yummy melon with nice slice of carrot "like" cake and this morning I took a photo of the cornbread before eating it!  How cute is that!

Then we managed to get our tickets for the WHC and it all started to feel a little real, especially when the goody bags were presented to us  :)

The convention didnt start until the afternoon so we took the opportunity to visit the local "Mall" and grab some Oregon gifts for the nieces/nephews back home.

Once back at the hotel my favourite authors started to appear and I was on full on stalking mode.

Thankfully some of them actually like me and I got to have coffee and beers with a few of them!

Me and Mark Tufo - author of the Zombie Fallout series Timothy  and The Books of Riley.

Then there was Armand Rosamilia author of Dying Days series and Miami Spy Games amongst many other titles and the other lovely lady is  Jaime Johnesee    author of the brilliant  Bob the Zombie series.

We had a great dinner at Jake's Seafood place, fish and chips!! and crab cakes.

Today was lots of internal Squeeee moments, tomorrow is going to be even more so as I track down more awesome authors and get them to sign their books so I can have some excess luggage on the way home!