Friday, 28 March 2014

Stuck on You by Jasper Bark

Poor Ricardo what a way to wake up, but think it was worse for Consuela.

I was totally gripped from the first paragraph, how could I not be with lines like this; Her body smelled rancid from the vomit with an underlying odor of burnt pork. 

So, the basic premise of the story is philandering Ricardo goes on a shopping errand for his poor, but stupid wife. He ends up cheating with some skanky drugs mule, gets struck by lightning on the ass and then a bear shows up to the picnic! 

Joined at various parts poor Ricardo tries to make it back to his jeep but must first make it out of  the forest, as bad goes to worse the final text conversation is hilarious and heart stopping all at the same time. 

There is a great underlying dark humour to this. It’s short and snappy and the writing style is very clean and easy to read, it has a way that just seems to keep you engaged, despite smelling my dinner burning in the background.

As the story is played out in a serious of flash backs, little pieces of the story come to the surface and you are drawn to like then dislike Ricardo as each scenario is completed. 

The gore and gross factor are right up there with some pretty hot sex going on in here too.

Not read this author before but will definitely be on the look out now!

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