Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Kat Yares.

The lovely Jennifer Thomas, guest blogger, reviews one of my favourite authors Kat Yares

This collection of shorts is in my opinion horror at it's finest. 

Each story gives you a different level of fear. I think the scariest part is that each story albeit fiction gives you the human monster instead of the monster under the bed. 

As I read this and the little hairs stood up on the back of my neck ( which happened with almost every story) I began to think, any of the characters in this book could be someone I passed in the grocery store. 

That are what stays with me most. That the things in this story could happen.

Kat Yares does an outstanding job of reaching into my mind with her words and at times brings my emotions almost to the point where there is no turning back and I know it is either finish reading or drive myself mad wondering what is going to happen next, or in this case in the next story.

If you are the kind of horror fan who likes the feel of that icy chill running up your spine or the goose bumps crawling up your arms as you read then I highly recommend this collection to you.

Yes this is a short story but it is a short that speaks in volumes. 

From the very first sentence I was hooked and really hated to see it come to an end but while the words were in front of me I could feel the confusion that John must have felt when he woke up in the hospital strapped to the bed. 

How can a person just become something? Everyone has their own idea of how vampires began and how they become what they are but Kat Yares gives you something to think about while reading this story and something to remember when you finish.

Wonderful and highly recommended read.

I can only start by saying that Kat Yares is an amazing writer who captured my attention and my emotions from the first page and her writing held me within the story throughout the entire book.

Even though this is a work of fiction you can not help but fell the pain, fear, loss and hate that radiates from the pages, but you also feel love and redemption as an entire town pays for the horrible way it women and children were treated.

This story gives you the chance to live through the main female character, Macie, as he learns what it means for not only her self but the souls of the lost to be able to seek true vengeance.

I would like to add a small warning, if you are an emotional person you may need a box of tissues and if you are sensitive this may be a tough story to read but I can assure you that once you start this story there is no putting it down.