Friday, 7 March 2014

Coalition of the Damned: Monster Squad by Heath Stallcupp

A few clever paragraphs and you are taken straight back in to the story, its like you never put the last book down.

Ohmergawd, so funny that Zombie Fallout author Mark Tufo, an awesome new character introduced in the last book, caught a woodland sprite! a bit like you would catch a cold! Oh and the things he has to do to get rid of her can be barely read without giggling like a mad woman!

The story is moved along with great pace, and as the vampires seek pieces of The Cross the werewolves are hunting down the mythical figure of the roman solider; all great parts of the Christ story, I love it when authors play with myths and legends adding their own twists and turns.

The “human” teams go on the hunt for allies and manage to find themselves some Elves, oh! and other unmentionable critters.

Poor Dominic is left with the Sicarii and you get a true sense of terror with his mental torture and the Sicarri’s boasts for world domination.

The weapons cache is impressive! It really felt like the apocalypse was coming.

Robert and Barbara – the best love story ever! HS has such a gore filled heart, but it such a big heart with all the love and romance (not the sickly kind) that he crams into his books.

With some political shuffling the MS team find a new home and all the pieces of war start to fall into position. Which of course, in true HS style, leaves you on such a massive cliff hanger that I am left hoping that the next installment is not too far behind!