Monday, 3 March 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Lori R. Lopez part 2

The lovely Jennifer Thomas reviews her second batch of short stories and collections from the multi talented Lori. R. Lopez. Did you know all those covers are done by Lori herself! and you should have a listen/watch Fairy Fly Entertainment on YouTube where she brings her stories to life.

This is a fantastic collection of Lori R. Lopez's work. If you have read anything by Lori you know that she has a wonderful and unique style to her writing that is able to pull you right into the world that her words paint through your imagination. 

This collection gives you thirteen different worlds!! In my opinion this is a collection of her darkest and most suspenseful work, never too dark but the suspense will have you hanging on the edge of your chair and as your mind gets twisted and twirled throughout each story.

There is something in this collection for everyone, you have zombies, creatures, circus freaks, ghosts, big foot, werewolves and more.

I highly recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys reading for fun and who loves having their mind challenged with a unique outlook of the horror world.

Lori R. Lopez writes this adventure with so heartfelt compassion that this is a book to love. 

There are so many characters that you get to know throughout this book that it is amazing that she is able to give each one a personality and background. 

I was brought to tears by so many of their memories and the sadness that they have been through it makes them so real that they seem to jump from the pages right into you mind. 

Reading this fabulous book is so much like watching a movie that you can get lost in the time that you are reading and before you know it the book is finished.

This book is such a great mix of horror, humor, emotion and suspense that it is a book for everyone of all ages, from young adult upward. You have so much to every page that your mind is able fully emerged itself and you are able to forget the real world and get lost in the storm that is the incredible mind of this amazing author. 

It doesn't matter what type of book you like to read this book has it all for everyone to enjoy.

Lori R. Lopez had done it again!!!! She has blown my mind with another amazing story. Bloodpath takes you through the mystery of the legendary bigfoot and beyond. 

All Boyd Applegate wanted to do was have some drinks with his buddies to make himself feel better and then drive home. Well the first part of his plan works wonderfully and then everything happens. 

What is that he just hit? How drunk is he to think that it couldn't be human? 

This short suspenseful horrific mystery is a wonderful read. And as always Lori is able to help you envision the entire story through her unique and amazing use of words. 

You can feel the fear of the humans and the anger of the beasts and the sadness for the loss of the lives that are lost in this tale, but I have to say that I have never thought of a path of blood being beautiful until I read them described in this story.

This is one of the most amazing stories that have come from the mind of Lori Lopez. This Bone Man is a character that equals a force to be reckoned with.

From one mansion that becomes a number of different things in it's years including a sanatorium, but the one thing it really was is a place where murder was always going to happen. 

When a psychic buys the old place to record and try to contact the poor victims of this evil building he bites off more than he can chew.

This is a great and fun book. It will hold your attention from beginning to end. Lori has such way of writing like no other. Each and every character in this book will catch your mind and embed itself there for years to come.

The words and descriptions of this book are written in a way that no one else but Lori could pull off. 

I love her no holds bar writing style every one of her books and stories never cease to amaze me.
If you love mythology, adventure and a bit of humor read this book you will not be disappointed.

Thank you so much Lori for just being you and letting your true self shine in your books!!!!

This book takes you through the imagination of Lori R. Lopez in the best of ways. Every story in this book leaves you wanting more and when you finish it you feel a satisfaction in you mind like no other. 

So many of the stories hold the emotions of this brilliant writer and you can actually feel what the characters feel and see through their eyes. 

The pictures that these stories paint in your mind are like no other. If you like short story books then this one is for you!!!

When I started this short story I had a million ideas of what I thought the Creep was and I was wrong...If you like stories of revenge and hatred with a little bit of regurgitation thrown in for good measure, this story is for you. There is action in this horror from the first page all the way through until the final sentence.

This is also one of the stories where you want to feel bad for the thing doing the killing.

I think this is one of those few stories where you want just the right kind of people to read it and have to spend a while looking over their shoulders from the guilt they feel in their heart.