Saturday, 3 January 2015

Zombie Fallout 8 by Mark Tufo

LOVE the new style cover!!

This is book no.8 (not including the 3.5 or Lycan Fallout books) and you would think that the series would start to lose its luster or get stuck in a rut, nope!    The craziness that is Talbot and his mad moments, family, friends and dog make for riveting reading. There is no shortage of zombie action, gore and heartbreak. The finale was particularly gross. Many loose ends still hanging in the wind, but MT also opens doors for new story lines, which is quite exciting.

In this chapter of the story Talbot and his family have escaped the huge zombie horde only to find out they have been captured and imprisoned by the Demense group run by Dixon who clearly has a screw loose in that he once loved Deneaux and wants world domination!

In the cell next to Talbot is Dennis, the poor chap who suffered at the hands of Deneaux in the last book. However with the ever present Tommy’s help escape seems, and is, possible, they even find time to utilise some everyday things for some unique uses; the fireman’s hose was both amusing and disgusting in equal measures!

Meanwhile, Will and June in the lab’ have been fascinated by Talbot's blood and are trying to make sense of it, June appears to have found the cure but also, finally, her conscience. Sometimes Karma comes at just the right time.

BT and Justin are now healed but at what cost; just what else have these two nasty lab' rats been experimenting with and what on.

I really enjoyed the other members of the group getting more of a chance to “speak” and be their own entities, especially Tracy. It was interesting to see how they functioned without Talbot directing them. Also fascinating to have those characters expanded and not just have them as window dressing to Talbot; seeing why he fights so hard for them.

Poor Porkchop, what a terrible history and current situation he finds himself in, there was some really horrific things in this part of the story that didn’t include zombies or Deneaux.

How certain people survived is beyond me and I can only hope that MT has some wonderfully spectacular deaths planned for them.  There was also some great back story information on Tommy and Eliza that almost had me feeling sorry for her, almost.

Zombie writers and their cat hatred, what is that?  But, that is made up for with the clear love of Henry and all things dog/other animal.

Trip was his normal hilarious self. The trees when he is looking for coconuts had me in fits of giggles at the mental image. Although that was soon superseded with Bobby Blaze his hotdog and blueberries!

Zombies, fires, floods, warheads, Knights Templar and impending doom – of course Talbot survives! But what spooked me more was the comment Tommy makes near the end of the book about what is coming…..

I really enjoyed all the epilogues, but why oh, why do I now have to wait forEVER for the next instalment.