Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Oh, The Horror by Jaime Johnesse

A brilliant collection of short and flash stories that get more gory, twisted and gruesome as you read. Fantastic!

Really enjoy JJ’s writing style, she is so easy to read, nothing overly complex yet with an underlying "GOTCHA"; talk about lulled into a false sense of security!

Written in the moment with flashbacks, this really jumps you around the story (in a good way!) so that you are immersed straight into the action, great build up and insight into the characters; warts, ice cream munching, and all!

I suspected something was not quite right.... but was so not expecting that ending.

Femme Fatale:
Another body is found and poor Detective Evers is at a loss with no forensic evidence to go on. When the Feds hit the small town and take over the investigation the magnitude of the killers sneakyness starts to dawn.

As the lead Fed and Dec. Evers hone in on a suspect you cant help but wonder at the profiling business.

I do hope Flubberwupperkins was found.

When I first started to read I felt so sorry for the main character, Steve, but JJ soon flipped him around and her became and Ahole!, but a woman is dead and a murderer is on the loose, he may the only hope of finding them.

Can the Police find the murderer, with no solid motive, before they strike again?

Great reveal at the end, JJ is a master/mistress of the twisty end.

A serial killer is on the loose (there are a lot in the USA!).

JJ has such a way with her characters even amongst all the horror, that she describes to well, and in only a brief story I was still in full belief of them and with such strong emotions.

Such a sad and twisted ending.

Is it a bank robbery or more??

I love how eloquent JJ is with her use of words. 

So many turn arounds in this short story I felt quite dizzy but also I was grinning at it all; brilliant ride!

The Restraurant:
A plot is formed amongst the workers at a restraurant against their monster boss, all memebers appear to have legitimate reasons but should they? And can they get away with it?

Not your usual horror.

The Winnings:
Awwww Love really shines out from this lovely couple who have finally had some luck and won the lotto.

This is a wickedly sad story with a real kick; well-done JJ for making me feel that way.

‘Til Death:
Lynn has a perfect life but also a stalker.

I loved all the build-up which made the ending such a shock, but oh so brilliant.

Traine Wreck:
This whole story made me feel a bit queasy, not sure what to say about it other than WOW.

In Vertebrate:
Eeeeek. These stories are getting more gory and squirrelly as it goes along.

A great idea revolving around chronic pain that JJ fully explores and adds her own sordid extras too.

Well JJ saved the most gruesome for last.

A poor captured woman must retreat into her mind to hide herself from the torture that her captor is inflicting.

She dreams of beautiful times with her family, the juxtaposition between all the love and all the hate is amazing.

Horrid and horrific ending.