Monday, 15 December 2014

Three brilliant short stories by Stacy Turner

Nicky was dead and Natalie knew this he was taken away in a black plastic bag, he had screamed a lot and for that she was glad.

Nicky was mean to her, torturing both her and threatening her beloved Mr Bear.

Beloved until he starts speaking to her that is, and Mama starts to wallow in her grief of her favourite child dying.

Thank goodness for Aunt Ellen and her lavender baths and trips to the zoo.

I just loved the way ST managed to capture the honesty that is child logic; so wonderfully blunt and truthful.

The twist in the ending is just amazing!

Captain Roberts and his squad are in battle and whilst many of them are seriously injured none appear to be in severe pain or bleeding, then there is the fog, oh and the giant marbles that fall out of the sky and not forgetting the amnesia….. Yes, that was a joke!

I really laughed at the MRE joke.  This story was really getting a bit farcical up until the final paragraph when all is made clear and my oh, my it was a brilliant ending!

Jeb, his mother and Cassie are trying to make their way in the new world of Good vs. Evil since the clouds came and blocked out the sun, the whole world appears to have taken sides.

When Jeb finds a stray young girl in the fields he brings her home to love and care for, like he did with Cassie, only she is not happy about it.

The child is strange, in many ways, non-communicative being only one thing. Hugging the newly pregnant Cassie each morning and growling at visiting Pastor others. 

There is a strong Godly element and feel to the story which lends itself to some foreboding of what’s really going on and intensifies the tension when Cassie starts to give birth.

When the battle scene arrives it may have been predictable in coming but what follows is not.

ST does well to cram so much life into such a few pages.  Whilst the overall story is chilling in an apocalyptic Omen type of way the real horror was poor Cassie and the first aid kit for 

See, now you HAVE to read it!!