Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Other Side of Dead by Ian Woodhead

Well let me start with the fact that I got this book as a freebie! But felt it was so brilliant I then PAID for it!!

I will not go over what happens in each story!! I’m sure others will! But I will let you know how I felt about each story....

My only comment is that maybe the stories could have been in a different order but that’s personal preference!

Ian has a way of painting a scene that leaves you wide eyed!

If I have a complaint it’s that Ian does leave you gasping for more.....

Rotating Flesh:
Let’s just say I will never eat fast food again!!
 Yay to the right thing happening!!

Very Dead Dolls:
Great glimpses of the horror that surrounds this family with a spooky child perspective! Quick ending but omg yuck!!

Two Skins:
My favourite quote in a book for a LONG time "month old peach!" and the retort made me giggle!  Henry the mole will live with me for ages!  Fantastic ending... more please!

Crimson Dreams:
Flash horror but show stoppingly brilliant!

Beg the other Man:
Oooh a moral tale! The description in this short story is amazing and so detailed you can "see" it!

Red Furry Flower Pot... 4 words and you know who Ian is talking about... his descriptions are so clever and so bright!  pls pls pls expand on this story i want to know how? why? now what?

Blood Curse:     

Just sppppoooookkky!