Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ravenous by Lorraine Versini

Firstly look at the detail in the cover, then read the story and look again!

When young Bastian calls the emergency services to say his Mama won’t wake up my little hairs went up. However is it Elisa, the responder that really set my bumps a goosing as her own frustration at not being able to pinpoint Bastian’s house and therefore send help, is terrifyingly detailed by LV.

When paramedics do finally arrive not all is as first seems, something weird and sinister has happened to Mama; rumours soon become rife.

Poor bereft Bastian must take his beloved dog Max and go live with Aunty Nancy.

However when Max soon becomes fatally injured in the same way as Mama Aunty Nancy must not only fight to save his life but protect them all from the threat circling above.

The swirling scene was like being in the middle of a feather hurricane; love LVs way of describing scenes in minute detail, it really suited this short story.

The ending reveal really conjures up all sorts of horrors and the little epilogue was just the perfect cliff hanger.

The ending is a fabulous little explanation of how the story developed and grew in the authors mind, I love that sort of sharing.

Ps. Go back and look at the cover!