Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Misadventures of Bob the Zombie by Jaime Johnesse

What you get here is the three previously released Bob novellas, a new never-before-seen novella, and a BONUS short (actually its quite long!) story.

Love, Love, LOOOOVE these covers! They really show the fun that is all Bob.

Bob the Zombie (book 1):
From his unfortunate demise to his eternal rising, issues with rejection, bits dropping off, some exceptional dance moves and an ongoing need for staples we are introduced to Bob!

The humour ranges from smirking to a few Pepsi nose snorts, yes parts of it are pretty gruesome too! (hello! its a zombie novel) but Ms Johnesses writing is so clever, she uses nearly zero profanity, a feat that seems darn near impossible in the horror genre (I would go so far to say that it is suitable for the YA market).

Lots of introduction to a variety of creatures of the Super Natural kind - which bodes well for many, many more books to come! Yippee!
Plus you get a little glimpse of Holly Andrews (which is going to be an AWESOME story!)

A great start to a brilliant new series.... looking forward to the next body part flinging, dance extravaganza adventure!

Bob the Spy (book 2):
Another brilliant (and well written) chapter in the life of Bob the dancing Zombie!

He is such a well fleshed out character, pun intended! With his back story and friends you can't dispute that he is real! In fact he is on facebook, so he must be.

JJ manages to think of every little loop-hole that might be for his strange existence. With the aid of staples and Super-super glue he is able to go on adventures and dance the night away!

This story is of the Warlock/Witch plot to overthrow the human world. It's fast paced with loads of humour along the way, but also some great tension moments.

Yes, as is Bob's way there are some sentimental moments too, but not enough to be sickly.

So make sure you follow Bob in real life on his FB page; Bob the Zombie.

I loved the idea of a Dorothy door and there are some really clever pop-culture nods.

Bob the Valentine  (book 3):
So the wonderfully cheerie Bob (the Zombie) is off on a date with the potential love of his un-dead life. Careful tactics and few body part staplings have brought him to the moments before she walks in looking as stunning as any zombie girl can – JJ does a fabulous job of making the death pallor sound intoxicating.

At the “posh” restaurant our love birds choose their dishes, suitably with a brain tasting theme. However, no date-night is complete without a bit of drama, as Hunters burst in the door and Bob manages to give his usual accurate view on human nature and some kind advice for us all.

There is a plot twist with a smiling ending that had my own heart in my mouth, thankfully I don’t need to Kachunk it back into place!
If you want a good giggle and snort for Valentine's Day, this lovely little short story is for you!

Fall in love with Bob.

Bob the Hero (book 4):
Lilly is still very much in the picture and Bob is still totally smitten. The way JJ describes her does have a certain appeal.

The little social media and pop culture references are rife and fun.  The thought of Z-Harmony or hahaha!

Every nuance of Bob’s undead life is thought out by JJ and she gives such a rounded picture you can’t help but believe it’s all real.

In this chapter of Bob’s life he manages to avert a hold up at the local Laundromat; funny how he still feels he is not a hero.

He might be dead but Bob is still a brave and morally correct guy.

Bob the Mentor (bonus feature):
The story of how he met Holly Andrews – a girl I really want to read more about. This is such a huge part of the book it’s hard to call it a bonus feature – its more like the main attraction.

A Vampire, Troll and Zombie all gathered around a prone body…. Sounds like the start of a joke! But that’s how this new group of friends all meet and go on this new adventure.

Bob and his new friends, Victor & Flea (yes, Flea!)  guide and teach Holly how to use her new and often overwhelming gifts. He does find himself in some weird pickle situations – as only Bob can.

I was so enchanted to read that he had met Jane (the vampire – a Lisa Lane creation).

JJ introduces the reader to whole supernatural world and its glory!  Can’t wait to see what she comes up with in the next instalment.

I love the way JJ writes the humour in, I am always reading about Bob with a smile on my face and the occasional snort.