Saturday, 17 January 2015

DEAD: Reclamation (10) by TW Brown

Another smash hit from TWB, I have to pace myself with his books (including the Ava series) as when I pick them up I tend to read straight through. Which can be really irritating as I read it in one, maybe two days if I stop to eat, and then have to wait another six months!

I really enjoyed the opening paragraph. Little Thalia has been on the scene from the first chapter of this series and I have grown to love her. Now that she is growing up it’s such a shame to see her life so sad; although she does not see it this way, she is so upbeat and excited by everything around her. She is now mid-teens as TWB as advanced the book about 8-10yrs.

La Grande township has now made massive changes and is now Platypus Creek. As is usual with the DEAD series there are lots of new people too. I enjoyed Paula Zin the new kick ass chick, not to mention Jim and his bombs! And a new threat is coming to town.

Juan has never been a likeable character for me but even his story line broke my heart a little; but hope is on the horizon for him and the other families he has managed to meet up with, at least I hope so – you never know with the DEAD series, as no one is ever safe.

I have really missed Gemma but I was glad to see she has survived with Chaaya, a biologist she was thrown in a cage with! Yup another horrific story line from TWB and even worse we get to find out what happened to Harold. She eventually finds Vix though and has some closure to her traumatized young life. 

Chad and Ronnie have been settled, to a point, with new character Caroline, again they have all moved forward but we are soon left on a cliffhanger with them. 

Kevin is now with Catie, who has a little surprise in store, I felt sad that he is not with Aleah anymore but that kind of makes sense, his life just goes from conflict to clash!  I was surprised they wanted to settle down in such a fraught neighborhood! But when an old acquaintance shows up all things must change. He was starting to get on my nerves always thinking he could talk his way out of any dangerous situation and liaise with even the maddest of dictators.

One of the new characters, told in an interesting journal style, is the avenging chappie Adam V; so hope we get more of this guy in the final two books.

Immunes seem to be getting it in the neck from all over the place in this books as the zombies themselves have taken a back seat.  But what happened to the funky kid zombies?

I really enjoy how all the characters and places have grown, some have strange tangents to their lives and some have gone off the deep end but then that is “normal” in this new world.

I also enjoy the emotions, feelings etc that TWB gives his characters, not only does he put them through the wringer but you as a reader; if this book does not make you gasp and shake your head then you haven’t been following closely!

The rotating storylines kept me on my toes and wanting to read on as I was desperate to find out what happens next to each group. The catch up, then the story, then the cliffhangers started. Mixed in all the horror, tears and gruesomeness there are some very humorous moments. 

Yes, there are deaths in this book and apart from being spectacular I was more devastated by one in particular than even Steve, although maybe I have mourned him now and have moved on.

To get to no.10 in the series and still hold my interest is quite a feat, it’s still a full on ride of terror but no longer are the zombies the issue, just us normal humans. I used to think I wanted to survive an apocalyptic event – but not so sure now when reading these books, when you think of all the horrors of today’s society and then magnify them with no law or order…. No thanks. Not to mention the lack of hot water, chocolate and cheeseburgers!

I am keen to see how TWB ends this series but also sad to see it finish. Oh well, another six month wait for the next installment!

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