Friday, 10 October 2014

The Mask & The Old Hands by Billie Sue Mosimen

The Mask: Joe & The Mask have a connection - at least in Joes mind.

Leftover from a party Joe finds the Mask laying on his coffee  table as he comes around from a heavy night of drinking.

Through the conversation with the Mask you learn all the horrid things that Joe has done as he slowly confesses.

But is the Mask really talking? and walking? Or his he hallucinating, again.
For a 20min read this little story really freaked me out.

The power of the mind is strong and BSM does her best to mess with yours (the reader).

Old Hands:  George has Old Hands, but they are not his.

The WHO had declared this a new viral pandemic and George and his wife have caught it.

But these are not just old, wrinkly Hands - they are mean, vile and have a will of their own.

However, George and his wife have a solution, an illegal solution; although its soon clear that people should be careful what they wish for.

Again, another fantastic twist in the ending, total brilliance.

 BSM brings a unique thought to the apocalyptic disease table.

I loved the line "a wet cat kind of day".