Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Monster Squad 5 by Heath Stallcup

So as is usual for the lovely HS I was thrust straight back into the action, I really enjoy that he manages to catch up new readers to the story fairly quickly but has the sense to realise that faithful readers don't need big long explanations!.

Commander Tufo has managed to bring his bulldog Hank onto base and this makes for all sorts of humour, but as is the norm’ its Tufo who brings all the laughs. I think the HALO joke was the best.  That said, since the first book all the other characters seem to have lost their sense of humour, which is a real shame as I find horror and comedy the best combination.

HS is a master at skipping you along in the story with short bursts of info that don’t detract from the present tense.  The story is yet again full of intrigue and back stories, complex yet simple to follow, he leads you on wild goose chases that somehow lead back to the main story.

However I was a little concerned that some of the characters were not really going in an expected direction based on their previous actions, but they are at least not one dimensional or boring! 

Again enough ammonerd info to keep you happy if you love the military thing but it was too much for me and I ended up skipping little chunks of the story.

One of the main stories is focused on Damian and Lilith/Rachel as they continue to try and find her body, managing to come across as the bad ass vamps that they are. But there is a twist in the tail, of course! But I want to know just why is Rachel so scared of becoming Lilith again? 

Finally I got to find out what the "Wolf on Ice" was all about! I so loved this little love story, but I felt that some of the original erotica was missing and it left a damp patch rather than a hot spot.

I love that all his female characters are strong and lead their own lives etc but also have that feminine side. Their story lines are not just add ons or fillers but genuinely part of the plot.

My only real complaint is that once you start reading HS you tend to lose time. He blends in so much intrigue and skullduggery that you cant put the book down, and I lost many hours sleep because of him, also its not a book you can finish in a day, it is way to bulky for that, you certainly get your moneys worth with a HS book.

However, I did have a couple of  Gripes: just cos you got a saying right doesn’t mean that’s what all the rest of us idiots actually say! “and you have another thinK not thing coming!

What drew me into this series of books was the amazing monsters that HS dreams up and its not until halfway through the book, again, that we get a new monster; a frog with teeth!? but only one new monster!

Keep them coming Mr HS!! but more monsters and humour pls, a bit of bump and grind would be good too - i liked the way you made me blush in book no.1.

Monster Squad: 5