Monday, 6 October 2014

Monsters in Hollywood (books 1-6) by Lila DuBois

Lights, Camera ... (Book 1): 
Calypso Hollywood Productions is a company run by five beautiful and talented women; Lena, Jane, Akta, Margo and Cali.

One day a group of three exceptional looking men, Luke, Michael Henry and Their walk into office with a proposal for a movie.

But here is the twist, they 'are monsters, hiding from persecution and are slowing dying out. They need to get out Their message That They want to be friendly and integrate into human society without hiding.

They are among us as Their Already Seer has provided them all the spells, in the form of gorgeous tattoos That allow them to change from Their monster bodies to human form.

However, the girls laugh them off and send them on their way, not without Luke begging for a Date with Lena, who Obliges Because He is after all gorgeous and she is starting to feel like a born again virgin.

The monsters That LD describe Both are horrifying and beautiful, and get all Apparently Their sexual experience from succubae !!

This is an erotica book after all and it soon turns to some rip roaring sex from Luke and Lena. Apparently magical spells but do not hold well after eight hours of sex and a night's sleep as Luke inadvertently lets out for Lena His monster to wake up next too, I unfortunately looks like a demon With His huge wings, horns and cloven feet!

This leads to some humorous moments and then the plot really begins. There are other moments when you 'humor Realise That all their "knowledge" about humans comes from watching TV shows and movies, although this is a little odd can actually When They Interact with humans, so That falls flat after a while.

Just as the girls are getting on board and seriously thinking this movie That Could Be a go ahead to That monster is not fully With the plan tries to kill Lena and the plot twist and Takes a really starts to sizzle as much as all the intense sex That is going on.

Some very sad moments in This First Book That really seal it as a story and not just erotica.

My Fair Monster (Book 2):
Clearly Whilst the first book sets the scene and then Continues to concentrate on the love that has now blossomed Between Lena and Luke, it is now obvious That this is now Jane and Michael's turn.

More body numbing sex OCCURS but Michael's monster is not what you would expect!

A new monster has joined the group, Runako, I is not convinced That Should integrate humans and monsters. With His sad back story and still painful memories Clearly I Began to agree with His points of view on human annihilation instead.

The grin inducing Often humor is still here, Along with the eyeball popping sex but this book felt more like a love story and there was no clear moving forward of the story.

However LD book sets up 3 very neatly at the end.

I was aware of quite a few editing errors in this book Which Were a little distracting.

Gone with the Monster (Book 3):
This is Clearly Runako and Margo's chapter and she is one tough lady That man needs a tougher to crack her. So I kidnaps her and Margo Takes to a cave.

This Allows for some really funny moments, as by default in Original two characters are much more humorous. Runako's monster just happens to be the biggest demon looking thing you can think of.

Whilst Margo is filled with Self-body issues, Runako acerca is clueless female human emotions Generally And This makes for great banter not to mention the almost painful but highly erotic sex scenes.

Again we are shown the horrors of humans vs monsters in the past and why Runako is so afraid of integration. When I fully shares with Margo His pain she confesses That She May who did they know awful things to His Sister.

This knowledge With a new element of revenge and killing Enters The story line and Gives it an interesting twist.

New monsters and plot elements in this book are Introduced at it Continues to not shy away from going to some deep dark places in some XXX sex scenes.

Again, some editing issues, but this time not so distracting.

Have will travel Monster (Book 4):
Now That the story line is not just about the monsters bringing out into the open, the secret Black Wolf agency trying to capture and experiment is to focus on monsters.

Henry goes off to China to seek out and plead for help from the secret, yet powerful warrior clan.

Their is Tokaki Most prized warrior and Agrees to come and help them, but as the fight coordinator on the movie !!

There is a lot more in this book speak movie Which was becoming tedious. The two new characters Tokaki and Jo, the artist, are so obviously going to be the next couple together but That Get Their characters and plot lines are so cliché to make it feel like some 70s porn film.

Whilst I Understood That Tokaki was the Chinese version of the westernized notion of monsters, I turns into a huge white tiger that looks a lot like the parade dragon / lion, I got fed up reading about Their Chi - I am not reading in Original books for intellectual stimulation! Not to mention That acerca 50% into the book info we have only peeked at a penis surprised so far, and if Jo says His male body is "ridiculous" once more I Would have screamed, and not in pleasure.

The little movie Were funny one liners and the best character in Madoka This chapter was the teenage sister, a beautiful purple dragon.

Eventually Tokaki and Jo get together, but I is rude, obnoxious and oblivious to her feelings Which of course are fixed by watching a marathon of chick flicks. I found this to be very condescending and not fitting With the rest of the books. Although they 'are getting a bit boring monsters in every mating for life with each girl picks I have to enlighten on monster sex.

If I had not bought the last two Already books in the series I Would have Given Up At this point as the center plot is missing, the editing and continuity is way off and the sex has Become boring.

The notion That brilliant sex can suddenly fix all female hang up and make You have instant self-belief is a little nauseating or maybe I have yet to enjoy That sort of sex!

The ending paragraph was good and it pulled together some unanswered questions from early in the book but does not make you want to read the fifth installment.

A Monster and a Gentleman (Book 5):
You are now thrown forward into movie production. Apparently all on set people believe in monsters and none have run screaming to the loony bin but surprise, surprise one has leaked to the press photos DESPITE huge confidentially clauses.
Cali the bitch of the group Total has-been lusting after Seling, a fire breathing dragon, who joined the group During a rescue camp at the Black Wolf, and this is Clearly Their sexual chapter for fun and eventual mating.

No mention Thus Far of the plot twist Involving the Black Wolf camp, if They Were Such a threat then why forget them ?? So Easily The editing is much more of an issue in this book and LD Could have Done with some better beta readers / editors to pull together her inconsistencies.

Why every single woman in this group have to be hung up on Their lack of body perfection is now becoming annoying. Plus the eleven sizzling sex scenes and daring are now repetitive, same sex couple different.

Not sure on the odds of finding each monster kill Their exact Within the five women in LA who happen to be making Their movie.

Eventually Investigations get under way into who leaked the photos of the monsters, trying to out them.

The monsters call on Their Seer, Mauve the Banshee.

Between the Black Wolf Banshee and the militia, That suddenly make a reappearance this is a lot more violent action in this book.

Towards the end is more of a monster story, much less erotica, even if boring in this book.

This series has sort of flunked in the middle not sure If its erotica, a story, Both of neither. The one dimensional characters and Have Become Often slide off the page with no thought. The book end has-been read simply as I am hoping for a conclusion.

The last of the Monsters (Book 6):
Flashbacks from VARYING PoV allow for the story of Henry, the monster and end Akta - That end the couple need to pair off to Make This all so convenient.

Mauve the Banshee has discovered who the leak is and punishment is interesting. The Black Wolf men are used in a unique way.

Once the movie is finally out, so are the monsters and they 'are whisked off to meet all the "special" people of the world.

The relationship Between Henry, the color changing monster and Akta skin is crawling and childish to say the least.

A dramatic finale Allows the series to redeem itself at the end.

Overall This Could Have Been probably four books, better edited and more flesh and brains Given to the characters. The first book was amazing and the sex but soon Became repetitive and pathetic Were plot lines, or Told At least not well.

For a fast bit of erotica LD is a good writer as she does not shy from some eye watering moments but as a storyteller, nope not her strong suit as her plots are often forgotten or repetitive, but overall a good series to read.

The movie references in the stories and was very clever book titles and you can not help but love the cover art!