Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Lucky's Girl by William Holloway

Lucky thinks himself a Prophet, he has an irresistible talent for drawing people in, an ability to beguile with his public speaking, and his general allure allows him to be a leader of men but he has a twisted sense of self and a deep need for revenge, so when The Big Tree at Elton lakes calls him back he follows. 

We are then introduced to Kenny as he reunites with his estranged children, Jake & Jenny, both are clearly harbouring resentment and something terrible has happened to Jenny recently.  Having lost everything in the big city he too is making his way back to his childhood home, the cabin/shack his Vietnam Vet Uncle raised him in.

Sherif of Elton Township, Jerry Kaminsky, is a recovering alcoholic but general good guy trying to hold his dying, failing town together.
All three men, it soon becomes clear, have history together; all are interwoven with the Big Tree.

As funding after funding leaves the town and its people they become disheartened, desperate and ripe for salvation. The most recent an archeological dig, discovery of a possible Indian burial ground out by the lake.  So the stage is set for Lucky to breeze back into his home town and start his tribe, bring them to glory.

There are other major characters in the book such as the lovely Rev James, his wife, the Mayor Errol and the Wolves.  The characters are all deep, with fascinating back stories, none are pure good or evil, baring the odd one but even then you are given elements of doubt.

The author has certainly out done himself on the scare factor for this book, some really spooky stuff in there, does make you wonder what he gets up to on the weekends!

Between Wendigo’s, American Indian Folklore, Cults, demands for revenge, Gods of Chaos and Werewolves you will be riveted up until the final page. 

I do hope there is more to come from not only this author but also this story.