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Succubus Series by Richelle Mead

Georgina Kincaid is a reluctant, but outstandingly good at her job, Succubus, she feeds on men claiming pieces of their souls for her “team”, but she longs for the love that she has been denied her for centuries. 

Hugh is an Imp who negotiates for your soul should you have a desire to swap it for something, but he is also one of her best friends, along with Cody and Peter her friendly local, and very gay, vampire buddies. 

During the day Georgina must earn a living and works as a deputy manager and the local books store, with her human friend Doug, and Warren her human boss who is good for a quick energy fix from time to time, apparently he lost his soul years ago.

When Duanne, the obnoxious vampire, gets murdered its Georgina that is main suspect, especially to her Demon boss Jerome; Arch Demon of Seattle, who just happens to hang out all the time with Carter the cryptic Angel. Not your usual pairing, especially as Jerome looks exactly like a certain movie style whilst Carter seems to like the grunge scene a little too much. 

Throughout the story we are told snippets of her former human life, and given peeks into her previous bodies, names and places she lived.

Enter Seth Morgansteen, local author who just happens to be Georgina's favourite, not to mention he is doing a book signing in her store. Seth was not the sort of guy I would have thought the energetic Georgina would fall for but when you start to see her history and the reason she sold her soul in the first place you can see why Seth and his delicate, artistic nature, call to her.

On the flip side, and not so much in the background is Roman, an enigmatic character who suits Georgians love of life, dancing and danger. 

Back to the super naturals killings and the race is on to find who or what is doing it, why and stop them. Can Georgina do it? When the final showdown happens its electric but the deal our lost little succubus has to make is heart breaking.

I totally loved the start of this 6 book series, the plot was fantastic, full of twists, turns and mystery. All the characters were strong, some were down to earth and likeable and some were dark and mysterious, humour, sex and horror the perfect combination. I cannot wait to read what happens next in Georgina's life. 

Poor Georgina starts this book at a demon award ceremony, could her week get any worse! Totally love all the humour in these books.

Bastian her incubus friend, is also an ex-lover, ex-partner in “crime” and is dumped back into her life to bring down a huge Evangelist in the shape of the very austere Dana.

Doug, her book store buddy get wrapped up in a whole “ambrosia and God mystery” which was a brilliant and thrilling story line.

RM reveals another failed relationship from poor Georgina’s fated history. As she and Seth dance around the relationship that they have the torment for both is beautifully written.

All previous Demons, Angels, Imps and Vampires make appearances and spice up the story line even further. 

Georgina and Seth are continuing their relationship with the no sex rule, but Georgina is losing all her energy during protracted dreams that promise her the life she has always day dreamed and wished for.

Tawny is the new succubus and provides some angst and humour, badly dressed and with no clue how to “suck souls” Georgina is set the task of mentor by Arch Demon Boss Jerome.

Dante and Erik are the new human characters, they have a history together but can Georgina save them both from

Love all the outfits and food references, so keen to try a Grey Goose gimlet!

Eventually the mystery is solved with a bit of heart stopping action, love, lust and all sort of other goings on. RM never fails to bring it on.

Therapy works unless you sleep with the therapist and suck out their life force! Jerome has forced Georgina into therapy, she is being horrifically sulky and he has had enough of her.

When that fails he sends her to Canada, to spy for another Arch Demon who is having problems with a demonic cult that are giving Satan a bad name!

Another mystery for Georgina to solve as Jerome is “summonded” in a turf war and goes missing.  

Fearful that a new Arch Demon will be appointed Georgian rushes to locate and save Jerome, with the help of her current destructive relationship, gosh this girl knows how to punish herself.

However whilst Jerome is captured she soon discovers that she can have rampant sex with Seth, which is not good news as he is in a different relationship and trying to make a happy, non-Georgina filled life for himself.

The erotica in these books is always fresh, never repetitive, sensitive but heat inducing.
More heart breaking revelations about previous relationships from the past.

RM is really evolving all her main stay characters in new and wonderful ways.

A new and suspicious Succubus arrives just as Sirens trap Georgina in a dream state from which she cannot escape.

As the bond between Seth and Georgian is becoming stronger, others are starting to notice, this is not liked by many in her circle, lest of all her best friend Maddie who she is supposed to be helping to marry Seth!

Whilst the gang, including human Eric, try to save Georgina she continues to be stuck in a different dimension where she is shown truth, possible futures, tainted truths and outright lies, in horrible torturous semi dreams. This is horrific to read as I have come too really like Georgina

Only an American would suggest that Guinness goes with shepherd’s pie!! Seriously, NO!

RM does well to keep this book from becoming too dark and utilises Georgina’s more light hearted friends to accomplish this; Peter and his soirĂ©es really make me want to be an immortal!

Hahaha I loved that all the immortal gang are now using Facebook!

From the start you can feel that this book is going to have an explosive ending as Georgina ends up in Hells court with unlikely allies and lawyer. A loop hole has been found in her Soul Contract.

A beautiful ending that brings all the little comments throughout the series together, I think this is the only book in the series you could not read as a standalone.

The climax was one of those "I saw that coming from a mile away", but it wasn't lame or upsetting

I could easily read this series over again many times, so lovely, so funny and wonderfully circular. 

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