Sunday, 26 April 2015

A-Z of Horror (A,B & C) By Iain Rob Wright

Issac is 16 and ready to become a man, with the party of a life time especially with his parents out of the house!

At first the party is a bust but as soon as some prohibited alcohol surfaces it starts to go a bit crazy, only odd things start to occur around Issac.

As the teenagers slowly get more drunk, Issacs every wish, desire and comment appear to be coming true, a bit worrying in some cases, smirk worthy in some but slowly building scray tension overall.

The finale has some very gory mental images but the ending was flat and rushed IMO.
There was no conclusion, after thought or reasoning.

If this is the start of a series of shorts then I hope they get more involved and hopefully they will be inter-linked, as IRW is
I liked the reference to the horror movie, that was clever. so clever at that in his longer novels.

Dean & Wendell seem to be enjoying a burger with a side order of burps!

They soon settle down to some video games, enjoying their sleep over together.

IRW takes time in this short story to fill out the lives of the two boys and allude to some sadness in their pasts.

As the both settle down to sleep Dean starts to get the heebeejeebees!

Between random fingernails, old dead women and glowing red eyes under the bed IRW really starts the readers tummy rolling with tension.

The ending was a sort of surprise and sort of expected, but well written.

This second installment was much more satisfying, with a clear structure and ending, it felt much more complete and unrushed.

Looking forward to seeing how much more IRW can push himself in this shorts.

Stacey is baby sitting little Harry. As she settles down to a film and fantasising about Mr Murray she notices the clown statue standing in the corner of the room.

I found the film choices amusing and enjoyed how IRW intertwined them into the story flow. As poor Harry has trouble sleeping and the clown continues to freak Stacey out I really felt a little spooked myself. Clowns, who doesn't get weirded out by clowns!

Ok, so IRW is definitely turning this into a series as he has now called this the A-Z of horror! 

Horah is all I can say as they are certainly getting better as he goes along, although I though the ending could have been better.