Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dirge by Tim Marquitz

In the world of Delham where Necrolords roam the land and bring havoc and destruction to all they touch with their undead armies, Kallie is a ray of hope, albeit with swords and daggers.

After years of abuse, enslavement and torture, in the dungeons of her own home, at the hands of Duke Freye, Kallie was finally rescued by Rellan a priest of immense enigmatic power who leads the Brothers of Sorea and guides the Flock and township of Eton. 

After Rellan’s death Kallie inherited many of his powers and now lives and is loved by Darren and Gaul, the two clerics of the Brotherhood who guide and protect Kallie but also often hire her out as the infamous and secretive assassin Dirge.

Kallie’s new task will take her back into those lands, back to her nightmares,  but having defeated at least one Necrolord will capturing one alive be possible, and for what purpose. And will her identity remain a mystery.

Throw into the mix the evil Emperor Valtore who is the only other force against the Necrolords and holds a strange but compelling box. He is also keeps the company of Sorel the priest of Graff with his familiar, Mistress Rava.  Graff is the God of the underworld; Infernus.

Dirge soon has the pleasure of meeting the Lord High Executioner of the Obsidian Order, Tyril, who is protecting a Necrolord but craves so much more. And is Baron Rand an ally or an enemy?

Such attention to detail and in a few pages I was absorbed by this new world. TM takes on zombies (undead ghouls) in this mash up with sorcery and sword fighting and delivers this amazing story. 

There is no humour or lightness to this tale as with other TM novels, this is a dark and harrowing work but with all the intricacies of a thriller, some gruesome horror scenes thrown, his signature amazing fight sequences and huge element of supernatural. Full of intrigue, skullduggary, double crosses and sinister plots of revenge and power play.

Little and large critters thrown in; some cute some not so much.

Whilst this was neatly finished off there was a glimmer of a second story hinted at with several threads left hanging. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this new dark twist in writing skills that TM has demonstrated and look forward to more of this world.