Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sleep Of Fools by Lori R. Lopez

In his sleep Chrono can climb like a monkey, only his waking world does not have monkeys, or trees or anything that is not grey and mechanized.

Fed by pills, dressed in grey, putting cogs into place each and every day, all day, then to sleep; this is Chrono’s world.  

Although sleep is not necessarily what it seems either as he is herded into a nether world; to destroy the clock he assembles during the day.

The analogies and mental visuals that LRL conjures up and lays before you are fantastic.

Then a chance fall, a kiss, an escaping screwdriver, a pair of green eyes and all that changes.

When Jewel spurs him into trying to escape the “system” their whole world is destroyed, the final twist in the tale is brilliant and I loved the end line.

Jar Baby used to be my favourite story of LRL of all her amazing work but I read this back to back three times I was so enthralled.  A masterpiece IMO.