Monday, 29 September 2014

Pretty Little Dead Girls by Mercedes Yardley

Bryony Should have been murdered in second grade, she Knew It, her Father Knew It, the whole town Knew It, even the soon to be President Knew It, Fate wanted it; Happened but a mistake.

Through school, university, suicidal boyfriends, we watch as she cheats death and tries to choose where to live That does not Involve serial killers or places That Could be in horror movies. Eventually the ethereal Star Girl settles in Seattle where she meets a variety of wonderful friends, all are drawn to Also Become her protectors.

As the bodies start to mount up around her I Could almost feel the weight of her sorrow pulling at my own heart. In a sort of cat and mouse Told MY way of all the potential murderers after Bryony and left me on tenterhooks wondering who would be successful and get Their prize? She made it sound like it would be delicious to witness, Which was rather worrying!

The surrounding characters are well fleshed out and have a wonderful sense of reality to them, even now I miss them. The devotion from her friends is breath taking the obvious love from her Father and Mrs W Nearly broke my heart. I adored the little comments acerca's would-be, could-be's and may-be's.

The Saucepan of Vengeance will stay with me for a while as it really made me chortle.

The language is Certainly whimsical But Also so amazingly clever, it is after all quite a gore laden book with talk of serial killers, murder and death but I loved the conversational way That MY pulled me into the story, Involving me in Bryony's fate, she was very clever in mind evoking scenes Which Had No business make me smile, but did anyway.

The ending is spectacular and I can not wait to read more from this author; I finally got to read a book with the word discombobulated in it!