Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dying Days 3 by Armand Rosamilia

(spoiler alerts)

Darlene is back and she is the same hard shelled, soft centered, take no nonsense, body obsessed heroine; I can’t help but love her, even when she is prattling on about her thongs!

The Flagler beach survival group has a new threat looming; who is killing all the zombies and stacking them under the pier?

Will the Lich’s plans come to anything?

AR brings a new element and twist to the series – Frank is a zombie but he has become self aware, and he his not the only one. I can’t think of a worse scenario for all involved, although Frank and the Lich seem to be liking it.

I really enjoy this series of zombie books as there are no big sub plots or lots of different groups to keep track off, its very much here and now, and in your face, usually with a big fat tongue in cheek dose of humour. There are still the intense emotions, some wild sex and gore laden fights but it’s much more a “Bmovie” style novel, and I love that.

However, don’t let that comment fool you into thinking the characters are wooden or 2 dimensional, far from it, Bri’s little lack of prom rant was actually quite upsetting when you think of all that would be lost in an apocalypse and the deaths are heartbreaking as AR keeps you very focused on the survivors.

The zombies are very real, if a little warped. AR seems to take total delight in being as freaky as possible. He also manages to make his little ragtag survivor group very real without any military training and inclusive of young girls and old men, not necessarily who you would pick to aid you in a zombie fight but wow they make a mean drinking and movie watching bunch and shouldn’t survival be worth living, at least a bit of it.

This series is really starting to hot up on the weirdness front and strays far, far, FAR from the purist ideals of zombies – but good! AR is a talented writer (try his other, non zombie novels/novellas/shorts) if these zoms are not to your liking!