Sunday, 21 September 2014

Consumption by Allison M. Dickson

Taste: Part I of the Consumption Trilogy:  Well, I, erm... where to start!

A true loves tale with a strange obsession?

Told in a fantastic conversational way, as part of a post bereavement confession to a "friend", this short tale tells of a young women’s obsession that just goes a little far even for obsessives! not sure I want my floors that shiny!

As I read my eyes got wider and wider at the story she was telling and at the end I just wanted to run out the door and I was sitting in my own house!

AMD has such a "fire side" element to her tales; they leave you with goose bumps and a funky taste.

Sweetness (Part II of the Consumption Trilogy): Who hasn't had a dream about killing their spouse? (nobody? whoops!)

The second in this trilogy which is focused around obsession and eating/tasting?  The descriptions are tangible; I could almost smell the strawberries.

This time it’s told from Bruce’s PoV he explains his lack of focus and sense of dismay as his world and body fall apart; clinging on to the hope that Serge the Haitian student can help him.

Half way through he discovers Marah’s licking but decides to do an about turn and go get coffee instead, here he meets a current student of his who he delightfully thinks would skin him alive and wear him as a suit, now that’s an image! As if poor Bruce does not have enough to contend with.

As things continue to deteriorate AMD forces a climax that I was not so pleased to endure, it was good, don’t get me wrong, it was just uncomfy to witness; the intended emotion I assume.

Feast (Part III of the Consumption Trilogy):  Marah has finally succumbed to the Hunger demon that is trying to consume her.

She has become a shell which just exudes evil. The things it has made her do on her journey to seek salvation are wonderful described in a sort of sideways glance, did I really see that style.

She meets Father Shaw in a back water church on Xmas eve, such are AMDs intense mental images I almost heard the haunting music playing.

AMD has such precise, perverse and fantastic writing skills; you can smell the musky strawberries that haunted Bruce.

As the demon reveals itself and tries to claim another victim Father Shaw brings closure and peace to Marah – but at what cost.

A brilliant ending to this novella trilogy, well worth the wait.