Saturday, 5 March 2016

Wolf Hunt 2 by Jeff Strand

George and Lou are clearly happily married, to each other!

But I’m glad to see that they both survived Ivan, even if missing a few parts!

However even in their secret hideaway with endless cruddy TV and cocktails they are soon found by a certain gangster intent on kidnapping another werewolf only this one is a 14yr old girl who has no idea she has wolfie lineage.

She also has a rather miffed off father that has anger issues and a weirdo friend and girlfriend.

Shane is a rather revolting specimen all by himself, but no plot spoilers here.

As always with JS novels the humour and gore is right up there making you wonder whether to cringe or giggle, usually both followed by gagging.

A great follow up to book one which you really need to read first, but it’s a riveting read, with a fabulous ending, book no.3 maybe??