Saturday, 5 March 2016

Diary of a Dead Man by Matt Shaw

This is a first person narrative of a man on death row writing his memoirs, why because he has nothing else to do.

I liked the rambling talking to himself style, it really fitted the story and gave the impression of him slowly unravelling and then going boom!

MS was good at describing the emotions or lack thereof and making this murderer appear normal.

The “off milk” comment did make me gag a little but the mint dish sounded very practical.
MS did some. good finger pointing at the judicial system and general human nature.

A good ending with a little after thought which wrapped the story up well.  Yes there are some disgusting bits but no more than you would read in a real crime novel.

Whilst I would say this is one of the best MS books I have read I felt he could have put more into the murders, given a few more examples, especially of the trophies and really laid the gore on a bit more thickly, I suppose really I would  like this to be expanded to a novella maybe, or even longer.