Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Left to Darkness: Oblivion Series Bk1 by Craig Saunders

I heard the first chapter of this book read by the author at FantasyCon (sept 2015) and went straight back to my hotel room to download it. I then waited three weeks until my holiday to relish it.

No disappointments at all.

Frank the Thug has a dramatic entrance to the story. Paul is the Good Cop who plods along; how these two meet is unexpected and what follows is a fantastic piece of storytelling. Finley, who happens to be Franks Boss, is up to no good as all corporate villain bosses should be.

 Dawn is a most likeable, tender yet tough, woman who has a vicious start to this book and life generally. Thankfully she has the most amazing father in law.

Some of the horror, gruesomeness, gore and torture was so blunt I actually laughed out loud in my discomfort.

As meteors hit the Earth destroying all life, a strange naked man is wandering around offering smokes, advice and guidance to our main characters. His continual smoking is like the Pied Piper bringing them all together in a strange warped way.

A few of the intermediary characters have such force that they really took my breathe away.

This book is merely the start of a series planned by the author and I have to say I can’t wait for the next one. I am intrigued with what is “really” going on, what will happen to the heroes and villains, who is the naked man and what does he want to achieve, what’s with the Little Kings and and and and …..!