Saturday, 17 October 2015

DEAD: Blood & Betrayal (bk 11) by TW Brown

So we are at Book 11 the penultimate one.... sob, but also good as think TWB has proven that the zompoc is not all a glorified camping trip with a few movie style zombies and that everything will go back to normal in a few days, weeks, years or decades. He paints a sad but probably true vision of what humanity would become given the nudge.

Yet again TWB “treats” the reader to another spectacular ride aboard the zompoc train. 

The wonderful circular way of writing is back, alternating between storylines really gives a sense of forward motion, tension and a great literary vehicle for leaving you on a knife edge.

Catching up with all the groups by circling another year in the life of… but whilst its lovely to see some groups flourish, characters settle, grow and move forward some are still struggling as humans prove that we are as a species jerks 

I was glad to see the new character Adam (hunter) still going strong but also having some doubts. I hope he manages to find some peace. 
I totally loved this book and as usual finished it within a few hours as could not put it down, when will I learn to read only a few chapters a day – with TWB, never.  But now at least I can get my nose stuck into Ava (that ghoul!) who does a cameo at the end of the book.

As usual I have a few comments and whinges! (TWB would be disappointed if I didn’t!);

How come no one seems to die of routine infections? Flu, a cut, child birth, ear ache, blocked bowels, appendicitis? With no antibiotics around anymore all these vicious outside trips must warrant a few cuts and grazes? No rapid animals?

What happened to all the cats?   What happened to the Egypt storyline?  What about the zombie children! 

Also I’m sure the zombies are like electricity and follow the easiest path but do you have to keep repeating it, sorry, a gripe!

on a final note that cover is the BEST yet!!

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