Saturday, 3 October 2015

Bite Size: A Collection of Short Stories by Matt Shaw

I really enjoyed the author’s preamble comments and agreed with him on most statements.

Let It Go: A story full of tension and love. I liked the build-up even if I could sense what was coming as a conclusion. The characters felt real and I enjoyed the ghostly element. Creating such deep characters in so few pages takes a great skill and MS clearly has it.

Reminiscing: OMG!! I had to stop reading for a while as this story broke my heart. Well done MS on such a great emotionally evoking tale. I knew this family so well that I truly grieved at the end.

Next-Gen: Mick must every new tech gadget out there; I guess the moral of the story is – be careful what you wish for! A brilliantly imaginative story, I can’t say anything without giving the twist away! I really got a sense of fear from this story.

Laughter in the Night: Whilst well written the subject matter really upset me but overall it was a great idea, MS clearly hit all my fear buttons.

Slither: A nightmare that comes to life, just ewwwww!! And I like snakes!

Fun and Games: Games maybe, but not fun! Well, MS finally delivers on his promise of grossness to the extreme, whilst seemingly only mild torture MS tells it in such fine detail as to make me gag and rub my skin. 

Date Night: Set out at a screen play with a little spiel from MS as to why. Great little twist at the end, yup it certainly has my vote!

Thoroughly enjoyed this collection as it seems to have given me pretty much a whole gambit of emotions and eeek factors, I am looking forward to getting stuck into some of MS longer work, although I too enjoy the short story format, not many have the true skill to pull it off.