Saturday, 11 July 2015

Condoms & Cabbages by Glen Johnson

Wayne Ward does not sound like an attractive chappie, inside or out, although who doesn’t fantasise about wanting to beat their noisy neighbour to a bloody pulp at 3am!

Wayne has given up his hard life of dodging work and living off UK benefits and managed to move to Thailand via a few dodgy deals and other nasty moments.

He constantly finds fault in everyone around him, mostly cultural, and he is not shy in voicing his opinions; loved the irony that he is more revolting than those (habits) that surround him.

Whilst on the hunt for his next victim he meets Precious and decides that now is the time to act on one of his fantasies of beating, raping and robbing an ethnic woman.

He bargains a hard price and off they set for the afternoon of pleasure but Wayne gets way more than he agreed too. The ending was exquisite and gave me great satisfaction.

The flip flop comment actually made me gag; be on the lookout for that one!

I adore the way GJ always points out at the start of his books that he is British and that all his words are correctly spelt!