Saturday, 25 July 2015

A-Z of Horror (E, F & G) by IR Wright

Antworth Manor is a three story Edwardian house that needs some love and attention, but first its new owner needs to evict the current tenants – half a million creepy crawlies.

With a pure hatred of all buggy things since a horrific childhood experience, could this bug infested house even be too much for bug killer extraordinaire Chris Treadwell.

Love the little quotes at the start of the story, Arachnophobia; bound to get my goose bumps rising.

As he goes about the building spraying and stomping Treadwell finally makes it to the cellar, then the horror really starts.

Treadwell is urged on through greed mostly, and then defiance even as the unusually large and prevalent multitude of wasps, beetles, spiders and other insects, decide to bite and sting.

When he finally makes it into the Library a few new discoveries finally give him the “willies” enough to run for the exit.

The ending is smirk worthy and full of wonderful gore; another brilliant instalment of the A-Z of Horror.

There were a few word and grammatical errors in this book, not enough to distract, but not IRW usual perfection.

13year old Max on has girls on his mind and whilst he is forced by his parents to enjoy a caravanning holiday in the UK whilst all his friends are off to exotic places.

However, he soon meets up with three older girls who seem like they want a “good time” too!

Before long he is agreeing to meet them in the woods, even after one of the girls tells some gore laden story about a murder in said woods.

Let down, teased, tormented and then scared half to death Max is given a life or death choice from an unlikely source.

IRW manages to get teenage mannerisms and speech to a tee, makes for uncomfy reading.

Another great instalment in this series.

You know when science and secret are in the same sentence that something is going or gone wrong.

Dr Lester Solberg has been tempted by a large final pay packet and shipped off to a secluded location in Bratislava with the promise of research and more riches.

Taken to a rather boring looking facility with high levels of security Dr Lester is soon introduced to his research fellows and finally The Experiment.

The idea of what can be done and what is to be studied by Dr Lester made me shudder and then very curious all at the same time.

With such big and bold characters to “play” with IRW does go to town with some clever wording that gave me the odd snort.

The ending was sort of expected but I would love to see this story extended.