Saturday, 27 June 2015

Family Man & Time by Andrew Lennon

This starts off with the story of a man losing his family in a shocking way, but begs the question of why.

It then switches to two teenages, Gavin && Paul, with very opposing families but both boys striving to be good.

The story is full of violence with lots of questions as to why this is happening, but no real ending or reason for the violent occurrences.

Whilst I do love the was AL writes, its so concise and full of promised, this little story really lacked any direction for me but I think with some more twisting and background this could be a really great full length novel, in a twilight zone type of way.

There is just something missing currently.

Family Man

Told in the first person, this story begins with a young man, in a happily married situation coming home to a “special meal”.

The first paragraph was a little contradictory, the narrator talks of his house and the soon to be baby room etc but then feigns ignorance when the wife says no wine for me over dinner! 

I thought the next few sentences a little cliché but went with it as I am learning to love this author and his precise way of describing each minute thing. Then something strange happens and all known elements are changed.

I wasn’t really sure if I liked this story or not. It takes a very complex disease and glosses over it but it also has a feeling that this could be a really intricate story if pulled our slightly and the missing parts addressed.  It almost felt rushed and not thought through properly but still has some real writing/story telling skill.