Sunday, 14 June 2015

Collateral Damage (Demon Squad 8) by Tim Marquitz

The acknowledgements at the starts of books are always lovely, however the story behind one the characters in this book is heartbreaking; way to go TM on supporting amazing people.

This chapter of the Demon Squad universe starts off in the usual TM tongue in cheek humour way!  Frank and Karra have finally got their little bundle of joy, Abigail.

However, peace never reigns for long in the Trigg household as Trinity, the new murderous baddies on the scene, raise the roof and bring mayhem and murder.

Trinity (you know, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost) are on a mission for revenge and blood but they are not alone, in fact they have some old enemies of Triggs to back them up and make his life miserable, as he has to move back into Hell to live everything is relative.

Some nice little reminders of previous goings on are cleverly interjected to bring readers up to speed and refresh memories of characters, doings and places.

TM still manages to weave a complex, yet easy to follow, web of intrigue deftly laced with religious “history” making use of folklore to his advantage.

I am always delighted to see that CB (Chatterbox) is still going strong, he of the fine voice and maggoty eyeballs.

Grenade boy wins the most gruesome death award in this book – eeeeew. Although another character does come to a rather sticky end late in the story.

Bonus Content – short story of Lucifer
Lucifer is busy killing other “Devils” on alien planets, all at God’s Will to thwart the onslaught of the Aliterean Consortium gaining ground, and enjoying it.

A 20min read of wonderful fight sequences and the brilliant imagination of TM as he thinks up new critters on foreign worlds.

The reason behind the advancing forces of the Consortium finally being revealed, but to what end?

2nd Bonus Content!
A little ditty called the Great Brain Robbery! Just enjoy :)