Thursday, 10 July 2014

Exit Wounds: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

We are thrust straight back into the story line and TM does an amazing job of intertwining new information with old to bring you back up to speed since the last DS novel (which was far too long ago may I point out).

Frank and his gang are on the run in a strange land, hiding from monsters they are unsure of as Scarlett is in between worlds trying to find her God so she can die and be away from the pain – but others have plans for her.

TM deftly switches between Frank and Scarlett PoVs – managing to bring me, the reader, deep into each very distinct world and personality.

An engrossing read I read this in one long, long sitting as I was pulled too deep into the story to leave it. Emerging 7hrs later very hungry but…. very satisfied. A small tease at the end of this book but lots of questions are answered, but am still longing for the next instalment.

Whilst you may be reading about monsters, demons and gore with lots of splatter and treachery you cannot ignore the amazing word play and seemingly limitless vocabulary that TM has.

Frank “Trigg” Triggaltheron is still an asshole that I love to hate, whatever body he is currently stuffed in. Chatterbox won my heart long ago and still manages, despite the dead rot and maggots, to hum, sing or mumble some great tunes and come out with some fantastic one liners.

Scartlett is a true to her heart heroine, whatever she believes in you cannot fault her for her dedication and she never resorts to using her beauty unlike some of the scheming bitches in this series. Her first person PoV thread that runs throughout the book works perfectly IMO to build the tension and give a different feeling to the book.

I really enjoyed the phoenix element of rebirth to certain critters!

If you have not read the previous 6 books in this amazing series then I suggest you do so, especially as they are on offer currently.

Whilst I still find the first in the series a little “raw” in its writing style you cannot miss the underlying skill of TM and this makes for fascinating reading as you literally see his amazing writing talent grow and shift throughout the series to what book number seven is.

The cover work is always spectacular and draws you in whilst giving a glimpse and guidance as to what Trigg looks like, always in love with Chatterbox I look forward to more artwork with him as the focus (sort of!).  I would really like to see the other characters more deeply portrayed in both cover work and writing, I really want to know some back history now, how DRAC was set up? How Katon etc came to be how they are, some spin off novellas perhaps?

I can’t wait to see where TM is going to take this series next!