Sunday, 27 July 2014

DEAD: Spring by T.W. Brown

Straight back into the action, which if you are reading back to back makes for spectacular flow, but if waiting (months!) desperately for each installment then you can get a little bamboozled with how intense the jump back in is.

Some clever references that made me smirk!

Cats that eat zombies? What do zombie/horror authors have against cats?? 

I felt some real sadness for certain characters, especially Emily-zombie but caught myself frowning at certain things she did, they felt just a little too contrived for my liking. However, I am intrigued to see where TWB is going to take this particular story line, especially as all the groups are noticing the same issues.

Love the fact that Billy has a much stronger voice and is not living in anyones shadow anymore. This book has a big chunk dedicated to his, and his traveling groups, story; which is great as it allows you to really get to know all the new characters.

Had to laugh at the British group and Vix wanting a word with the zombie writers for getting stuff wrong whilst in the midst of battle. Credit to TWB for getting the locations so spot on and a special pat on the back for the colloquialism achievement!

I did get a little bogged down with Cynthia’s story but her life/animal views really gave me a reason to love her and then I found myself routing for her.

Now on to the moans and niggles: New characters generally – so many of them and to each group! This got a bit confusing for me.

Why are there so many beefy characters in these apocalypse stories, TWB is by no means unique in his characters that are huge in stature, full of muscle etc but how is this still possible? How are they finding enough food to maintain this bulk??

Also Kevin seems to have grown back his frost bitten foot as he can now run with no limp impediment despite obviously losing his prosthetic one when being (spoiler alert!) captured and fleeing for his life.

Not happy that so many animals are getting killed, humans you can blast to where ever, but please leave the furries alone L
What has happened to the Egypt group?

Ok, back to good stuff!

I am really looking forward to the next installment and what happens in this next phase, I think one all the completed books are out (I believe 12) I will treat myself to a full read through of all of them or maybe read all the separate stories.

This chapter ties up a few loose ends but also leaves the groups on positive notes which I think was needed as not all the people left in the Zompoc can be horrific all day every day? Scheming and slaughtering must get boring after a while and human nature says we want to be loved and need comfort; don’t even the nastiest of characters love somebody?