Monday, 7 July 2014

Dystance: Winter's Rising by Mark Tufo

Born and raised in some dire conditions love and friendship still flourish enough to give hope in this new dystopian world that MT has dreamed up.

Born and bred to fight and die in a war that has been ongoing for as long as their clan can remember friends Winter, Cedar & Tallow, are given a life line after a huge discovery and some revolutionary acts.

Winter is the prime hero in this story and she is indulged with two love interests, although I found her confusion, deep feelings and then switchero a little shallow I must remember she is a mere 17yrs old,  MT gives her calm and wisdom beyond her young years. Cedar is thankfully the comedic scene stealer.

Cedar manages to fall in love several times with various kilt wearing gents via her new found love of reading romance, always seems to pop up from behind some rock to over hear a private conversation and generally bringing some humour to a harrowing situation/setting.

Thrown into this seemingly endless and selfish war machine, the trio struggle to survive the onslaught, barely equipped, under nourished and most definitely not trained to fight.

As the various clans in the war spar and try to gain ground or make alliances it is Winter who shines, discovering a unique talent and is shown her true destiny.
But can she live long enough to fulfil it?
I enjoyed the lack of guns and the epic sword fighting scenes.

The treachery, deceit and double crossing is amazing and I can’t wait to get my paws on the next instalment.

Another element to bring the Talbot clan into another universe, that little bugger gets around. Even the epilogue is filled with Talbotisms!

*Spoiler alert*

How I loved reading about Trip again!

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