Saturday, 8 August 2015

DEAD: Snapshot Portland by TW Brown

Ken is a grieving, gone to seed, ex-cop widow. Jason is a fresh out of jail convict who happens to help Juanita whilst she is being attacked. Rose is a freshly divorced dog lover.   Stupid (or Baily), Imp and Circe are the lovable dogs along for the ride.

This is the start of the zompoc, the start of the DEAD series (now on book 10) right back at the beginning with a huge bang.

Their stories quickly intertwine in the town of Portland, Oregon as the zombies pop back from the dead.

There is lots of gore in this book, lots of shooting, lots of heart break, some humour but always great writing and deep character building, TWB does his best to make you care for these people so you are also immersed in the story.

I was so upset when a certain above character died but even more devastated when a second character dies trying to save them. Yes, lots of people die in these books, it’s sad but as TWB often states no character is safe.

Zombies are never the all-out reason for the demise of humans, we manage that on our own, we just need the nudge and TWB paints a very frightening picture.

He deftly uses his DEAD series to highlight small towns and cities and I am delighted that he plans many more of these, promising anyone who writes to him with details of their town, friends and loved ones he will place into the zompoc and annihilate your town for you!

I really enjoyed the differing views of the same scene from various characters but did not enjoy the dogs PoV, it felt stilted and very anthropomorphised, more like how we would LIKE our animals to think of us not how they actually do.

I was also a bit concerned that the animals on the farm and the veggies they were originally growing seemed to disappear.

Whilst the ending was nicely wrapped up it did feel a little rushed in comparison to his other books but then maybe I am comparing 10 books to 1 !!

Overall I can’t wait for the next one.