Saturday, 15 August 2015

Cast in Blood by Christine Sutton, Lisa Lane and Jaime Johnesse

Lenny is a troubled girl but she has found salvation and a haven at Children of Light church, when Apollyon the demon comes into her life things start to become a little more complex for this untapped, talented shape shifter.

Not only is Apollyon a First Knight of Hell, an expert in torture and right hand helper to Lucifer (Lucy to her friends!), she is on a mission to a catch a djinn (very bad but lesser demon of hell) and find out who is stealing all the souls from both Heaven and Hell.

Drew is the final heroine that make up the (don’t say it – Charlie’s Angels!) trio, as a succubus you would think her life as a “working girl” would be perfect, but she is on the wagon and going cold turkey, much to the disgust of her demon pimp the purple fedora wearing J.D.

Hershel aka Father is a charismatic leader, and true believer, and he is willing to sacrifice to bring about the cleansing of the sin upon the earth. With his devout followers not being quite what they appear is Hell about to unleash on the world??   So what is going on the basement?

This book has some seriously powerful female characters, great ideas and interesting thoughts regarding humanity and the whole theory of Heaven vs Hell. It turns a few myths on their heads in some very amusing ways; I would love more of Polly and Lucy’s beginnings and journey.

Along with the splattering, then gushing of gore were some giggle inducing moments and some snort out loud lines too.

Whilst I found the beginning a little slow, the laying out of all the characters is steady and easily followed then the story starts to gather pace, I could not find a good place to stop as each chapter just leaves you on a knife edge of questions or battle.

Some of the character thoughts, sayings and ideals are a bit sugary and more YA in texture than the others but the gore element and subject matter soon take care of that. There was also some over repeating of the "Fall" explanation, not really done in a differing enough PoV in my opinion to be different enough, but by the middle of the book I was hooked and thought the overall story with the gore and great characters made up for any doubts in the start.

These authors rock individually with their own novels and characters but together they have blown me away! This is the start of what promises to be a brilliant series, so don’t let me down ladies, don’t let your characters become too perfect or too safe! !