Friday, 7 November 2014

Samhain by Lori R. Lopez

First off I have to mention the amazing cover art - as LRL does all her own work I am always intrigued at how wonderfully fascinating they are, the more you look the more detail you see, not to mention how she manages to really grasp the essence of her stories in the covers.

It is All Hallows Eve and self confessed wuss and multi phobic Daren Karl is on his way to his sisters house to a Halloween party. Rather than brave all those people he is coerced by his parents into taking his nephew Dare out trick or treating, they leave him with a strange comment about facing his demons!

Dare maybe named after his Uncle but he makes his name a challenge, not a burden and delights in teasing his Uncle on the route around the neighbourhood.

As they prowl the streets Darrens phobias about this night are surfacing and causing some interesting discussion with his nephew. Amid all the candy collection, pirates, werewolves and cowboys he spots THE witch and as memories come flooding back LRL drags you into a hellish house of horrors.

I really enjoyed the goosebumps I was given and the thrilling explanation of Halloween, Samhain and various other historical spookies. 

LRL manages in her small novellas to inject such emotion, tension and sense of history to all her characters, I miss them when i finish the story. 

I am glad I stayed in this Halloween - but it is as I have always suspected that children really ARE tasty little morsels best served broiled!