Friday, 8 August 2014

Holes in the ground by Iain Rob Wright and JA Konwath

Basically this is fan fiction at its greatest!

It seems that IRW took the brilliant idea formed by JAK in Origin and then added his own fantastic spin of humour and horror, a few of his own characters, mixed them up, put them in a new hell and span them out again.

Fast, fun, and full of laughs, this is one that Konrath fans won't want to miss - made all the more interesting by Iain Rob Wright's British touches.  Those that have read Origin or The Final Winter will quickly fall in love with this book because the characters are just as you remember them to be.

Each main character is well formed but flawed and you can see early on how Bub will get to them, only IRW/JAK manage to make a few good twists and surprises too. However, the parting shot from Andy annoyed the hell out of me! (no spoilers)

The setting of a monster zoo/prison really allowed both authors to run wild with their imaginations and whoever thought up Mu the talking banana was genius. IRW must have had a riot writing this.

However, there were some “bad” points for me, I did think it had a rushed ending of sorts, nothing was finalized (IMO), which I suppose leaves it open for a sequel but I think that’s a little cheeky of both authors.

In addition, I was really disappointed to get to 52% and have it end – the last part is the original story from IRW without JAK input. Which is wonderful in of itself but I did feel cheated and which runoffthemill reader  is really is going to read the same story twice in a row??

Also, I wish we had more back story on Wolfie as it was such a sad story.

I think both authors could have made this into a much longer book with more expansion of the “monsters/prisoners” history, the secret society could have had more back story, as could the new characters.

All that said, I do hope there is a sequel!