Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Discordia Ascendant: An Illustrated Demon Squad Story by Tim Marquitz

This short story focuses on Rahim, the Wizard werewolf, from the Demon Squad series.

In this snapshot of his life we see him facing down a mortal enemy in a darkened alleyway, the strange woman with no eyes; Anai.

Her aim is to bring back her Mother, Discordia, to bring havoc to the planet as God is currently on hiatus and not really keeping an eye on things.

This short snippet hints at a much bigger plot in Rahim’s history and gives a promise of more to come.

Beautiful in its prowse, this story is only enhanced by the wonderful art work of Robert Elrod; I sort of imagined Rahim to be more handsome but think this visual interpretation gives him a little edge.

 I would love to see a much longer, more graphic novel style, from them both.