Sunday, 29 June 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Mandy De Geit

In this guest blog the amazing Jennifer Thomas looks at two books by Mandy De Geit, apart from these two great books she has been in multiple anthologies.

We have all heard the saying ' Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' but what happens when your friend is an unknown enemy? 

This short story lets you find out the answer to that very question. When the friends in this story spend time together it is more out of respect and caring for one another. 

Even though one has to battle to make people think that she can feel anything at all the other is always there for her with kindness and support, but when things start to go wrong there is no stopping the events that must unfold.

With this being a short it is really hard to leave a review without giving anything away but I can tell you once you start reading it and the details start to unfold you will not be able to put it down.

This author does an amazing job with her character development and it allows your mind to see what she was seeing at the time the characters came into her mind for this story. 

Mandy DeGeit is a new author and I look forward to reading her writings as they grow but for just starting out I think her writing is awesome.

Brad Kempt is not a loved man, never has been. He has always been made fun of, laughed at and pushed around. He has finally decided that the best thing for him to do is stick with his cyber world that he has built playing computer games and forget about having any kind of life and he has realized that love will never be in his life. 

But the one thing he never expected to happen was Sara. When the beautiful blonde moves in next door he can no longer control the emotions that flood him. Sara is different, she sees him as a person, she is willing to be his friend.

But how far can this friendship go?
How happy can he truly be?

Great read!! Just enough horror and suspense to keep you turning the page, with emotion that may have you grabbing a tissue.