Thursday, 26 June 2014

Draculas by JA Konrath, Paul F. Wilson, Blake Crouch & Jeff Strand

I totally loved the dedication; it was so sweet, yet funny.

This is told in little chunks of story, each one from a different point of view from each individual involved. You can tell the differing author styles through the characters and really lends a great “voice” and out look on each person.

The basic premise is that a Dracula type skull is found, surrounded by legend it is then bought and delivered to a dying millionaire, who (of course!) allows it to bite him….. and so begins the horror in a little backwoods hospital when he is rushed their by his palliative Nurse and researcher/treasure finder.

The varying characters via their different authors approach the monsters in different ways, the humour is as huge as the teeth.

The gore is free flowing, abundant with plenty of blood and bits.  Amongst it all are two very touching love stories; however, they both have issues!

When Benny the Clown starts to make flamingos from intestines I could not stop giggling and trying to explain this to Hubby was not a good moment in my marriage, I think he seriously started to question my sanity. However the various drawings throughout the book helped him see why I found it quite so funny!

This was a fantastic, engaging and grotesque read, some parts made me gag, some cry and some laugh so hard I needed to actually put my kindle down and calm myself.

We, the reader, are then treated to a giant flowing interview between all four authors and how they managed to pull this off.

Then we are given about 50% of bonus materials which is simply staggering each author gives us a full blown novella as follow on.

Finally we are promised many more sequels so I will be on the look out for these.  All of these authors are fantastic to read and I can’t wait to get my mitts on more of their work.