Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... R.G. Porter

Guest blogger Jennifer Thomas turns her critial, yet fair, eye on R.G. Porter

I have to start my review by letting everyone know that, like me, while reading this you will probably jump at every noise in your house. That being said, this is an outstanding horror read.

When a group of paranormal investigators get a chance to not only save their business but to investigate what has been said to be one of the most active with spirits they jump at the chance. 

This hunt could make them famous and well known and best of all keep their investors very happy. The draw bad they face is that they are the first to be allowed to enter and they have very limited information about what has really happened in this building.

When they are locked in for the night they discover very quickly that they may be in for more than they bargined for.

The author dose a fabulous job with the character development and the flow of the story was perfect in my opinion.

Great read for any paranormal or horror fan.

I'm not a big fantasy fan or reader and very few Faerie book or stories can grab my attention and keep me wanting to turn the page the way this one did. 

From the first page I could not put this one down. The line between the faerie world and the human world was so finely drawn in this short story that I was pleasantly surprised.

Nuff is a tough guy Fae detective who is put on the case of finding the missing Dental Acquisition Agent (Tooth Faerie). While doing her nightly runs Sadie went missing and Nuff knows that nothing seems right with her disappearance from the start.

Jaz is a no nonsense scientific half fae half human who is doing her best to survive in the Fae world when no one trusts or respects her because of what she is. She knows that finding the thing or person responsible for kidnapping Sadie is not going to be easy but she knows that unlike the other Fae she has to deal with on a daily basis Nuff respects her and is her friend. 

Jaz soon learns that they are not dealing with another Fae or even human, but what they are dealing with knows a great deal and will do anything within it's powers to not be stopped.

This is a very enjoyable story and I highly recommend it to all.

This book is a great and fun read. 

The author did a wonderful job of capturing my fears of both the water and confined spaces through her main character, Dr. Victoria Cutter. I also really enjoyed the fact that the characters in this book held composure and never went off half cocked or took off screaming.

Dr. Cutter is both excited and nervous about going to the state of the art facility at the bottom of the ocean to study a new plant life that has been discovered at depths she never thought possible.

When she meets John, the Captain of the submersible that takes them to the lab she has no clue that she and this man are in for more than she could ever imagine.

When they reach the labs they find out that people are falling I'll and they don't know the cause. Dr. Cutter is determined to do whatever she can to find out and stop what is happening and John is determined to keep her safe as she does.

Great read!

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