Sunday, 19 November 2017

Perilous Grace: Avenging Angel 2 by Eden Crowne

A shady group are trying to unleash the old gods, this is never a good idea, locked up deities are there for a reason! It seems when a Queen wants her King back Heaven and Earth will be shifted.

Evie & Riley are hot on their tails, but never a step ahead, as artefacts and relics go missing around the world. However, this time they also have a friendly “dog” to help them!

Battle scenes galore as Humans and Celestials duke it out with tons of magic sprinkled on top. I really enjoyed the varying PoV within those scenes it brought to life the mental imagery.

Twists, turns, skulduggery, back stabbing and double spying galore; a real mind bender of a plot.

Love how EC writes and she clearly loves her characters. Looking forward to book 3.

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